Jane Austen

Jane Austens house in Chawton, Hampshire

Visiting Jane Austens house in the beautiful village Chawton, Hampshire

Jane Austen, one of the world’s most famous authors, spent most of her life in the historic and beautiful county of Hampshire in the south of England. As part of my research project I have been studying her life and works, plus her fashion, style and her home here in Hampshire ( this was made easy for me as it’s also my home county!) Researching Jane’s life has been absolutely fascinating! I enjoyed creating watercolor art of Jane’s most treasured pastimes and as you scroll down this page you’ll see my art and pieces of information which I wanted to share about Jane, plus you can see fabrics and products which I created as a homage to Britain’s best author!

As July 18th 2017 marked the bicentenary of Jane Austen’s death, I spent many months previous to this researching and watercolor painting items that represent Jane – her most favorite items, her quotes, her books, her pastimes,  her likes and dislikes and hobbies. Using these watercolor paintings I created items which I think will make excellent gifts for Jane Austen fans. As you continue down this page I hope you’ll find my research interesting and I’m sure you’ll feel the essence of Jane.

Jane Austen loved to write, to read, to socialise and sew. Jane  also loved eating and drinking! In one of her letters to her sister she says ” You know how interesting the purchase of a new sponge cake is to me” During my research, I found that Jane would have eaten Bundt cake, for breakfast, so that is the cake I painted. They did not have baking powder in those days, so it was very labour intensive and made by whisking many eggs. So, this protien rich cake with tea was how Jane started her day. She did purchase this cake rather than make it herself, but who can blame her. I’m sure she just wanted to get on with writing.

Jane Austen 200 shoes

Putting myself in Jane Austen’s shoes Jane Austen 200 shoes

by MagentaRose

It was here, in the heart of Hampshire, that Jane Austen found inspiration to write such classics as Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Mansfield Park and Sense and Sensibility. She wrote her famous works drawing on a large circle of friends, social gatherings and places around Hampshire that she visited to devise the characters and settings for her novel. Jane Austen spent the last eight years of her life in this country cottage in Hampshire from 1809 until 1817. In the Hampshire countryside Jane’s genius flourished and she felt relaxed and free to write. At Chawton, Hampshire, which is today naturally regarded as Jane’s literary home, Jane led a quieter life and resumed writing her novels.

Jane Austen tea towel

Jane Austen tea towels, LINEN TEA TOWELS (SET OF 2) with Jane Austen books and other  vintage books /famous British authors at https://roostery.com/p/orpington-linen-tea-towels/6454435-antique-books-jane-austen-and-english-authors-by-magentarosedesigns

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To create this art I spent much time at Chawton House in Hampshire researching Jane’s life and examining her belongings. It features regency style watercolor paintings of some of Jane’s most favorite things. She spent many hours sewing, embroidering, trimming hats, choosing shoes, making tea, enjoying tea and cake. https://roostery.com/p/orpington-linen-tea-towels/6564666-hygge-jane-austen-style-by-magentarosedesigns














Jane loved buying ribbons and flowers for her bonnets. She loved a good sewing party, even saying she was the best at sewing her brother’s shirts. 

I also created a collection of ten new fabrics, wallpapers and giftwraps at my Spoonflower shop to commemorate this!  https://www.spoonflower.com/collections/200781-jane-austen-regency-fashion-jane-ites-celebrating-janeausten200-bicentenery-by-magentarosedesigns 

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Here are some of my new  watercolor designs to pay homage to Jane Austen’s work, created in her bicentenary year. Featuring Jane Austen’s silhouette, Jane Austen’s letters and her favorite things.






Jane kept the key to the tea cupboard on a chatelaine like the one in this fabric

Jane Austen fabric

Jane austen fabrics, also for sale as wallpaper and giftwrap at my Spoonflower shop, inspired by regency fashions and hobbies

Jane Austen fabric

Jane Austen fabric inspired by Jane’s letters to Cassandra, her sister and regency style









Jane revised both Sense & Sensibility which was published in 1811 (and made Jane £140), and Pride & Prejudice, which was published in 1813. This was an instant success. All Jane’s novels that appeared during her lifetime were published anonymously, merely bearing the legend “By a Lady”, which was not uncommon at the time. Mansfield Park was published in 1814 and Emma in 1815. Persuasion was completed in 1816 but was not published until 1818, after Jane’s death in 1817. Northanger Abbey was also published in 1818.

Jane Austen fabric at my Spoonflower shop

Jane Austen fabric at my Spoonflower shop inspired by her love of sewing, tea, cake, bonnet trimming and writing plus fashion and style.

Fan fabric at my Spoonflower shop

Fan fabric at my Spoonflower shop inspired by the regency fans that ladies of Jane’s time used

Jane Austen wallpaper border, https://www.spoonflower.com/collections/200781-jane-austen-regency-fashion-by-magenta-rose-designs-by-magentarosedesigns

Here a some wallpaper borders which I created for a client who loves Jane Austen and beautiful vintage books. She had purchase the matching wallpaper from my Spoonflower shop and was able to purchase these from my Contrado shop after I’d created them especially for her. Making my customers happy makes me happy!

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As my Father is a Bibliophile, with a large collection of antique books and we live in Hampshire, home of Jane Austen, it seemed only fitting to honour her memory by creating a vintage book wallpaper and my Father was also very pleased to have his books featured. See my Jane Austen Collection of fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap at https://www.spoonflower.com/collections/200781-jane-austen-regency-fashion-by-magenta-rose-designs-by-magentarosedesigns

Tea fabric at my Spoonflower shop

Jane Austen fabric at my Spoonflower shop inspired by breakfast tea and cake ( a type of Bundt cake, rich in eggs) and rosettes which were popular for trimming bonnets and shoes.

Jane austen Quote

Wise advice from Jane Austen! Painted in watercolour, this Jane Austen Quote is available from my Redbubble shop https://www.redbubble.com/people/magentarose/works/27158902-jane-austen-quote-let-other-pens-dwell-on-misery-and-guilt?asc=u&p=framed-print

Jane Austen Bundt cake // Jane austen clock

It’s always Jane -time with this pretty watercolor painted clock that features Jane’s favourite Bundt cake and the quote is taken from Jane’s letter to her sister Cassandra (1808 – 06 – 15) Start the day like Jane here: https://www.redbubble.com/people/magentarose/works/29285462-jane-austen-bundt-cake-jane-austen-cake-quote-jane-austen-art?asc=u&p=clock Matching products available.

Jane Austens music

Jane Austen painstakingly copied music  in pen and ink, which she borrowed. It saved a lot of money to do this, and she played her piano every morning before breakfast.

Jane Austens breakfast

Jane Austens breakfast mug with regency tea and cake

Jane Austen dress

Jane Austen dress created with fabric designed by Magenta Rose and featuring some of Jane Austen’s favorite things https://www.redbubble.com/people/magentarose/works/27018550-jane-austens-favourite-things?asc=u&p=a-line-dress&rel=carousel 

Jane Austen fabric

Jane Austen antique book fabric. Available to buy at my Spoonflower Shop


Jane Austens shoes, gloves and jewellery painted in watercolour for #JaneAusten200